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Move over Ryder Cup.  Step aside the "other" President's Cup.  This is a competition that would blow them both out of the window.

Tiger Woods would shit his pants at the thought of standing on the tee in front of this crew.  Cameron Smith couldn't keep up in the beer stakes.  Robert Allenby would actually request to be kidnapped so he wouldn't have to shudder on the first tee.  

Held far and wide since 2012, the President's Cup pitts Bushwood Black vs Orange United in a teams event held over two days.  There's been pairs, there's been singles and everything in between.


Bushwood Black have stood victorious on all but one occasion, and on paper it looks like a complete whitewash, but there's been several close finishes, including a playoff in 2017, and a 1/2 point win in 2022.

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